How to Decrease Load Times for Xbox 360 Games

One of the bad things about modern gaming is dealing with load times–since the first Playstation, disc-based games have struggled to combine innovative gameplay with slow load times. These problems are compounded if you’ve got an issue with a system or a game disc.
Here are a few tips for keeping the load times of your Xbox 360 games as low as possible.

1. Cleaning Your Game Disc – First of all, clean your game discs. Dirty game discs or dirty laser lenses are a major cause of additional lag and slowdown in Xbox 360 games, so this is a good place to start. You can use a simple clean, microfiber cloth (which won’t put any debris or cloth remnants on your game disc) and some isopropyl alcohol, or just use a small amount of water. Don’t use any harsher chemicals. If you’ve got any serious scratches, you can sometimes buff them out with a bit of toothpaste. Full instructions are on the article found here. For seriously scratched game discs, you can often contact the manufacturer of the game for a cheap replacement disc.

2. Cleaning the Laser Lens – You can also try cleaning your laser lens. To do this, either use a commercial lens cleaner or spray a few quick blasts of compressed air into the Xbox 360’s open tray towards the general direction of the laser lens. Don’t hold it in one spot for very long, or you’ll risk damaging your Xbox 360. Follow the instructions on the can, of course, and you shouldn’t have any sort of problem.

3. Installing the Game To The Xbox 360 Hard Drive – Some games work better and faster after being installed to the Xbox 360’s hard drive–though this is more true of recent games, or games that have some issue with the game disc, as mentioned above. To install a game to your Xbox 360’s hard drive, go to your Dashboard and hit Y to get more info about the game, then select “Install to Hard Drive” from the menu. It will take quite a while to install the game, and you’ll need a lot of space on your hard drive, but once you’re finished the game will load from the hard drive, which may decrease load times.

Do you have any other tips for decreasing load times for Xbox 360 games? Share your thoughts in our comments section below.